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Egmont Community



By Laws


1. Any individual of the age of sixteen (16) years or over may be admitted as a member to the Community Club providing he or she has resided six months out of the past twelve in the Egmont area including Earls Cove, Ruby Lake and surrounding inlet communities at the time of application for membership.

2. Non-residents who wish to become new members may be accepted by a majority vote at a general meeting.

3. Each member on being registered shall be furnished with a copy of the Constitution and the Bylaws and current policies of the Community Club.  Every member must uphold the Constitution and comply with these bylaws.

4. Any member in good standing may serve on the Board of Directors.  A member is not in good standing when that member owes dues or money to the Community Club.  Members who are not in good standing shall have no vote in any election nor a vote in any Club matters.

5. Annual membership fees shall be set from time to time by a majority vote at a general meeting; any increase must be reasonable and affordable.

6. A person ceases to be a member when his or her annual dues are in arrears for a period of six (6) months or he or she has withdrawn from membership in the Community Club by giving notice in writing to the Secretary of his or her withdrawal.

7. A member may be expelled by a special resolution of the members passed at a general meeting provided he or she has first had notice of reasons for the proposed expulsion and opportunity to be heard at that meeting.


8. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in March each year, at a date, time, and place selected by directors.  At least one general meeting, in addition to and separate from the AGM, shall be held during the course of the year, preferably at the mid point of the year.

9. The Directors may, whenever they think fit, and shall upon a written requisition signed by not less than one-tenth in number of the membership call a special general meeting.  Such requisition shall set forth the object of the meeting and be deposited in the hands of the Secretary at the registered office of the Community Club or sent by registered mail to the Secretary.

10. Fourteen days notice in writing or email, at least, of every general meeting specifying the time, date, and place of the meeting and in the case of special business, the general nature of that business, shall be given to every member.  The non-receipt of a proper notice by a member shall not invalidate any proceedings.

11. At any annual, general, or special meeting of the members of the Community Club, then (10) members shall constitute a quorum.

12. The date, time, and place of the meetings including board meetings shall be posted at a place convenient and suitable to members.

13. At Board meetings at which members not on the Board are present, an agenda will be presented stating which items are open votes for the Board and which, if any,m are to be closed votes; in the event of a closed vote, non Board members shall be asked to leave the meeting momentarily at the time of such votes.

14. The order of business at a meeting shall, according to circumstances, be as follows:

     Meeting called to order
     Adoption of agenda
     Minutes of preceding meeting
     Business arising out of the minutes
     Reports of Standing and Special Committees
     Reports of Directors
     Election of Directors and Auditors
     Special Business
     Unfinished Business
     New Business

15. The person presiding at any meeting of the Community Club or of the Directors shall have no vote except in the case of a tie when he or she shall have the casting vote.


16. Every member in good standing shall have a vote, providing that the said person has been a member for 30 days prior to the voting or poll.

17. There shall be no voting by proxy.

18. On the show of hands or on a poll, every member present in person shall have only one vote.

19. In the case of voting by a show of hands, the declaration of the Chairman of the meeting shall be conclusive evidence of the result unless three or more members before or on the declaration of the result demand a poll, when a poll shall be forthwith taken.


20. The Board of Directors of the Community Club shall consist of at least seven and not more than nine members in good standing including the Treasurer, duly elected at each annual meeting.

21. At each annual general meeting the meeting the members by ballot shall elect the Board of Directors, for a period of one (1) year, but the Directors shall appoint a member to fill any vacancy.  The top runners-up, in order fo their ranking in the AGM Board election, shall be considered as alternate directors in case of Board vacancies prior to the next AGM.

22. The Directors shall, amongst themselves appoint the positions of President, Vice-President, and Secretary.  The Treasurer shall be elected in a separate vote by the general membership.  The treasurer may also hold the office of secretary if so appointed.

23. The Directors shall cause minutes to be made in books provided for the purpose:  a) of all appointments of officers made by them; b) of all the names of Directors present at each meeting of the Board of Directors or committees; and, c) of all resolutions and proceedings at all meetings of the Community Club, the Directors or any committee.

24. The Directors shall cause proper registers of the members and Directors to be kept at the registered office.

25. The Directors shall not be paid for their duties as Directors, however, they may be reimbursed for expenses directly related to Club business.

26. The President shall instruct the Secretary to call a Board meeting monthly or as needed.  If the President or Secretary is not available, the Vice President shall fill in.

27. All meetings of the Directors shall be held in Egmont, in the Province of British Columbia, and the quorum necessary for the transaction of business by the Directors shall be four (4) despite any vacancies in the Board.

28. Any member of the Board of Directors, missing two consecutive Board meetings without just and good cause may be requested to tender his or her resignation from the Board, and such vacancy shall be filled by appointment as provided in the Bylaw #21.

Duties of Officers:

29. a) The president presides at the meetings of the Community Club and of the Directors; b) The President ifs the Chief Executive Office of the Community Club and must supervise the other officers in the execution of their duties.

30. The Vice President must carry out the duties of the President during the president's absence.

31. The Secretary must: a) conduct the correspondence of the Community Club; b) issue notice of meetings of the Community Club and Directors; c) keep minutes of all meetings of the Community Club and Directors; d) have custody of all records and documents of the Community Club except those required to be kept by the Treasurer; and, e) maintain the register of members.

32. The Treasurer must: a) keep the financial records, including books or account, necessary to comply with the Society Act; and, b) render financial statements to the Directors, members and others when required.

33. Any member of the Community Club may inspect all books and records at the registered office of the Community Club, on appointment with the Secretary or Treasurer.

34. In the absence of the Secretary from a meeting, the Directors must appoint another person to act as Secretary at the meeting.


35. The accounts of the Community Club shall be audited and certified correct by two duly appointed persons, who are members of the Community Club but not members of the Board of Directors.

Finances, Accounts and Expenditures:

36., The Treasurer shall receive all monies of the Community Club and all cheques for money belonging to the Community Club shall be deposited in an account in the name of the Community Club in some designated accredited financial institution.  Such monies shall be paid out only upon the authority of the Directors.

37. All cheques issued by the Community Club shall bear the signature of the Treasurer and one of any two other Directors designated as signing officers, preferably the President and Vice President.

38. Lending and borrowing funds shall require a special resolution.

39. Expenditure over $1000.00 requires a resolution by the Board of Directors.  Expenditures over $5000.00 requires a resolution at a general meeting.

40. Applications for grants require a resolution by the Board of Directors.  Grants over $5000.00 require a resolution at the soonest available general meeting.

41. In the event of a successful grant application, a committee will be established to oversee and be responsible for meeting the requirements of the grant until said grant has been 100% completed.

42. The Community Club shall not undertake any commercial venture that might jeopardize our non-profit status.

Alteration of Bylaws:

43. These bylaws may only be altered or added to by special resolution.

AND take notice that the address of the registered office of this society is: